Cons of Studying MBBS in Russia

Pursuing a career in medicine is one of the most popular and sought after academic paths around the world. In recent years, a growing number of students from India have started opting for MBBS in Russia, due to several advantages associated with it.

The high quality and cost-effective program are particularly appealing for many students. On the one hand, studying MBBS in Russia has some positive aspects.

The courses are taught in modern and well-equipped laboratories and there is easy accessibility to the most sophisticated and advanced medical equipment.


The quality of staff and teaching in Russian medical universities is very high, and it is a great opportunity for international students to receive comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge.

Practical lesson are focused on the laboratories and students get experience in performing various medical procedures.

In addition, MBBS in Russia is a lot more affordable than equivalent courses in other countries, plus there are some scholarship and loan programs available to Indian applicants.

On the other hand, there is a downside to studying MBBS in Russia. Students have to first clear their NEET exam in order to be eligible and the medium of instruction in Russia is mostly in Russian.

In addition, there is a lot of paperwork and visa processing before studying in Russia, and the living cost is also quite high in comparison to other countries.

Furthermore, once you have completed the course, there is the complicated process of getting your degree accredited and respect in the Indian market.

Studying MBBS in Russia:

MBBS in Russia is a great opportunity for students looking for a medical degree in Europe. This is because of the quick access to the Russian education system, the cost-efficient learning, and the excellent quality of education. Students from India can study MBBS in Russia and can make their dreams of becoming a doctor come true.

To study MBBS in Russia, students have to apply to various medical universities in Russia and then get their admission cleared. The entire process of admission is accessible to most international students who want to pursue medical studies in Russia.

Also, European universities provide several advantages that other countries are unable to provide. For example, the tuition fee for MBBS in Russia is relatively lower compared to other countries.

Besides the tuition fees, living costs in Russia are also lower than in other European countries.

Apart from the financial and educational prospects, studying MBBS in Russia has many other advantages. Russia has an established healthcare system and has some of the best medical academics providing world-class education.

Moreover, Russian medical universities are recognized all over the world, and the degree obtained in Russia is accepted all over the world. Thus, studying MBBS in Russia ensures that the student gets a degree that is accepted globally.

Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the most sought-after choices for International Students.

There are a number of reasons why Medical students choose to pursue their degree in Russia. Primarily, the cost of living and tuition fees is relatively lower than in other countries. Secondly, the quality of education provided by the top universities of Russia is par excellence and highly praised by medical practitioners across the globe.

Furthermore, the universities offer a diverse range of specializations which can help students carve a successful career as a medical practitioner. Russia has some of the world’s best medical institutes offering highly reputed MBBS courses.

Students get access to the latest imported medical equipment and study various technologies that are on par with modern methods used in medical research. Research opportunities are highly profitable and students often get involved in funded research projects.

Moreover, The universities are highly reputed and give exposure to students to work in large hospitals and study under the tutelage of experienced professionals in the medical field.

Apart from the fact that the duration of the course is 6 years, Russian Universities provide the best opportunity for International students because of the influx of medical internships.

The Best Opportunity For International Student For MBBS In Russia.

Each student wants best college and a better study opportunity for his career. MBBS study is hard and a challenging one for everyone who wants to build their future in medical field.

Russia is the best choice for international students who are looking for quality education in MBBS at affordable tuition fees and low living costs.

MBBS from Russian medical universities is recognized in Indian Medical Council, WHO, UNESCO, Medical Council of Canada, US Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), General Medical Council (UK), etc.

This is the best opportunity for foreign students to study MBBS abroad at lower cost and an opportunity to explore one of the world’s most ancient and culturally rich countries.

Studying MBBS in Russia can be accessibly in English medium. The duration for the course from a recognised university in Russia is six years and is available for students who crack the NEET exam or can appear for the Entrance Exam in Russia.

As a student, one will move through the preclinical stages of the medical program in the first two years, and the clinical stages of the medicine program start in the third year.

The prospective international student can stay in Russia for nearly 8-10 months to complete his/her MBBS.

In terms of infrastructure, medical universities in Russia have well-furnished hostels, libraries and laboratories, equipped with latest medical machines, and a world-class teaching faculty.

The best opportunity for international students for MBBS in Russia is due to its high standard of medical education and world-renowned universities.

Students from all over the world seek admission to medical universities in Russia for MBBS programmes. There are many advantages of studying in Russia, which makes it an excellent opportunity for international students.

One of the main advantages is the low fees structure offered by the universities. The tuition fees charged by universities in Russia are much lower than those of other countries.

Student’s also get quality medical education along with the hostel and other facilities at an affordable cost. Additionally, there are many scholarships and discounts provided to international students in Russia, as well as various forms of financial assistance.

This makes it easier for international students to pursue MBBS in Russia without having to worry about paying for their education.

Russia has strong health links with all the developed countries across the globe that make getting a job after graduation much easier for international students. This gives them the opportunity to gain valuable global experience and reach their career goals.

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