MBBS in Helwan University

Helwan University is a public university based in Helwan, Egypt, which is part of Greater Cairo on over 350 acres (140 ha). It comprises 23 faculties and two higher institutes in addition to 50 research centers. So Let’s see overview of MBBS in Helwan University.

Helwan University
Helwan University

Helwan University is a member of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities. It was established on July 26, 1980 by Act No. 70 of 1975 over 350 acres of land. It is the youngest of 3 major governmental universities in Cairo.

However, it goes back to the 19th century during the reign of Muhammad Ali of Egypt who established “The Operations School”. The fields of that school were the basis of many institutes that formed Helwan University later.

Although Helwan University is the most recent of 3 major governmental universities in Cairo, it encompasses some of the oldest faculties not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East. The Faculty of Applied Arts, for example, was established in 1839, while the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Education were established in 1908 and 1936 respectively.

MBBS in Helwan University

MBBS is a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, one of the high rate of students in Helwan University year by year. It is one of the best faculties and it is supplying new medical doctors to the health care throughout the country. MBBS offers multiple efficacies for students who are desire to pursue career in medicine and surgery and generates proper environment for the students to be professionals MBBS in Helwan University.

Helwan University has a structured curriculum in the area of medical study that includes the variety of courses from basic science to advance level. There are many mentors in the faculty and who teach the students and to make the degree so powerful. To become a doctor, one has to study different subjects like pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, forensic medicine, pathology, medical biotechnology, community medicine, general surgery and much more.

In addition, the University provides many internship and research opportunities where the student can get a deep knowledge about the various medical fields. The University also offers special guidance and mentoring services for motivated and inspiring students to start their own career. As the end of MBBS, the student have to pass the licensing exam, which reflects the capabilities and knowledge of an individual. After passing the exam they have a degree of M.D., which is the abbreviation of a Doctor of Medicine.

Overall, being part of MBBS at Helwan University makes the whole experience of studying medicine full of high quality learning, professional guidance, and unlimited.

International Students in Helwan University

The influx of international students to Helwan University has been an incredible boon for the university and its students alike. Not only have the international students been able to learn from Helwan University’s amazing curriculum, but they’ve also been able to collaborate with both local and international students and develop meaningful relationships. Helwan University has thus been able to create an environment of collaboration and innovation which is unmatched in the region.

The integration of international students has further diversified Helwan university in terms of the culture and backgrounds of its students. This has helped create a culture of acceptance, understanding, and respect, allowing students to have a better understanding of one another. In addition, the addition of international students has had a marked effect on the education or MBBS at Helwan University delivery system at Helwan University. International students bring a heightened level of global awareness and knowledge to the university. Students have been introduced to new ideas and concepts by international students, broadening their own perspectives. Furthermore, international students have contributed to the dynamism of the classrooms by bringing an international perspective to their discussions and debates.

It is without a doubt that the influx of international students to Helwan University has been a positive event. Its international population has created an incredibly diverse and pliable atmosphere, helping to create a better future for both the university and its students. It is endorsed for the university to further open the doors to international students as the university grows in both size and reputation.

Rank of  Helwan University

Helwan University, located in Cairo, has earned a reputation as one of the premier institutions of higher learning in Egypt. This institute is highly ranked among internationally recognized academic institutions for its quality of education, well-stocked libraries, and excellent faculty. It is one of the biggest universities in the country, and its students have long been considered the cream of Egyptian higher education.

In terms of rankings, Helwan University ranks amongst the top 40 of all universities in the Arab world. It has strong ties with international universities, and students often have the opportunity to study abroad. The university offers various courses besides MBBS at Helwan University across various disciplines, with a focus on science, technology, business, engineering, and other fields. It also provides a wide range of research opportunities for both faculty and students. Additionally, Helwan University and its state-of-the-art laboratories are at the forefront of innovation in Egypt.

On the international front, Helwan University is accredited by some of the world’s best-known universities. On a local level, it is recognized as the top university in the country due to its research activities, its cutting-edge technology, and its faculty that bring in professionals and experts from around the world. helwan, students, international

In a world of competition, the higher education institutions of Egypt, and by extension Helwan University, have made their mark on the world. Its commitment to quality, its modern facilities, and its emphasis on international exchange has made it a premier university in Egypt,

Required Documents

Admission into Helwan University requires completing and submitting certain documents in order to become accepted as a student. The documents consist of a number of important items that must be complied with in order to be considered for admission. The majority of the documents are chosen in order to verify the applicant’s identity and authenticity.

Generally, the admission documents required for Helwan University include the following:
Original and lower-level copies of academic certificates and related diplomas
Original and lower-level copies of official transcripts.
Two copies of identity card.
Two current passport-sized photographs.
Proof of residency.
Copies of any language tests taken.
Medical Certificate.
A statement of purpose.
A copy of the applicant’s passport and visa.

Since admission into Helwan University has a very competitive and selective process, the applicant’s documents should be scanned and submitted in PDF format so the examination process can be conducted properly. Some additional documents may be needed depending on the specific program the student is applying for. The applicant must provide original documents if asked by the admission committee or faculty of the university. After submitting all the documents, the student must wait for the committee’s response.

City At Glance 

Helwan University, located in Cairo, is surrounded by some of the best cities in the area. One of the nearby cities, Maadi, is home to tons of wonderful activities, nightlife spots, and tourist attractions. It’s a great accessible city with plenty of green areas, big parks and squares to explore. It’s also known for its vibrant cafés and restaurants and its renowned landmarks like the Cairo Tower. Maadi is an ideal place to take a nice stroll or go for a weekend outing at the many nearby recreational sites. From malls and cinemas to thrilling miniature golf courses. Maadi has something for everyone.

Another city worth mentioning is New Cairo, located just 15 minutes away from Helwan University. This city is the ideal destination for every visitor’s need. It offers a blend of leisure and entertainment, shopping, modern economical architecture, lush green parks, amazing terrace top restaurants and activities. New Cairo also has an impressive collection of famous landmarks, such as the American University in Cairo, Misr El Gedida and Katameya. These famous sites and activities make New Cairo a perfect spot for anyone looking to experience the vibrant life in Cairo.

Helwan University
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Both Maadi and New Cairo are great places for picnics, shopping, and exploration. By exploring these two cities near Helwan University, one can witness the true beauty of daily life in Cairo.

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