Ulyanovsk State Medical University

Ulyanovsk State Medical University is the government medical university located in Ulyanovsk city, Russia. It is one of the topmost medical university in Russia and the oldest educational institutional of Russia. Ulyanovsk city was founded in 1648 , situated on the volga river 705 kilometres east of Moscow. The population of Ulyanovsk is about 650000 people.

The international faculty of medical education have been one of the largest scientific educational and medical diagnostic center in Russia. During the time of its existence, more than about 50000 doctors and other health professionals have been trained from different countries.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University consists of 40 affiliated hospitals and polyclinic where medical students can develop practical skills.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University is provided 1500 faculty members, including 600 doctors of medical science, 450 Ph.D in medicine, 250 professor, and 200 associate professor etc. Currently, about 6000 foreign student from 40 different countries of the world are studying in Ulyanovsk State Medical University.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University is recognised by WHO, MCI, and other international medical boards. Majority of international student are from India, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt Iraq, Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia etc.

University Library

Ulyanovsk State Medical University library have more than 1000000 copies of books. University library has Digital library system. University also provide username and password for each and every students so that student can gain access 24/7 to the information. There are also separate reading rooms in the university. The library comprises the unique national and international collections of books in english and russian language. Student do not need to buy any textbooks, all books will be issue to the student by the university library itself for free. A student can borrow books for a period of one semester from the library by showing their student identity card. Student must return all the books after completing semester exam only then they can get all the books for the next semester. Marking, writing or underlining on library books is strictly prohibited. In case of book is misused, handled roughly or lost, the concerned student will have to replace the book or pay the current market price of the book.


The weather of Ulyanovsk is continental influenced climate. The highest temperature on an average is around 27°C in july and the lowest temperature on an average is around -20°C in january.

There are 4 seasons in Ulyanovsk – spring (march, april, may), summer (june, july, august), autumn (september, october, november) and winter (december, january, february). Spring and Summer are mostly sunny and autumn & winter are cloudy. Snowfall start from the month of december, january, february and last until march.

Degree Programs

  1. General Medicine
  2. Dentistry (Somatology)
  3. Preventive Medicine
  4. Paediatrics
  5. Nursing
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Pharmaceutical education
  8. Post graduate course


NEW ERA EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS provided two special hostel for international student especially for Indian student. Hostels are located in the centre of the Ulyanovsk city which is near to the University’s main building.

There are two types of hostel

  • Flat system type – with attached bathroom, toilet and kitchen.
  • Block system type – with common bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. There are 5 rooms in each block which has an option of double bedded, triple bedded and 4 bedded in one Room. The hostels are fully furnished.
  • Available facilities : Wifi, heater, laundry facility, Indian mess, study room, 24 hours water supply, no power cut, CCTV cameras covering every corner of the building, 24 hours security guard etc.
  • There are also student moniter in each block of every hostel appointed by New Era Educational Consultants for the support and guidance of all student.
  • Additional facilities : Nearby supermarket, medical center, library, playground, sport complex, mall, gymnasium, church, swimming pool, cafeteria, food court etc.

Student Health and Guidance

All student are mandatory to purchase an annual medical insurance policy which cost around 8000 ruble and it is not included into the tuition fee structure. Medical insurance policy includes ambulatory care, hospitalising and other health issue.

New Era Education Consultants provide well qualified and friendly staff for the guidance of all student. Staffs shall have the overall responsibilities of all the student in matter relating to career advice, student administration relationship, organizing and development of student bodies, student guidance facilities, counselling and support in all aspects of student life. Staffs also arrange regular meeting with all the student in case of any problems, but at least 4 times in a year.

Student Life

Student life is considered as the most important period of one’s life. International student who studied in Ulyanovsk State Medical University were generally happy, enjoy their study and gladly recommend their high academic standard education and great quality of educational facilities to other student. The most important part of student life that affects, is the value of time. Student need to do their work on time as it never waits for anyone. University offers unique opportunities for learning and growing for student in a very practical way. Student maintain discipline, punctuality, support each other and live a respectable social life.


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