5 Reasons Why Pursuing MBBS in Russia is a Good Idea.

Pursuing MBBS in Russia is one of the toughest endeavors in the world. One of the best places to study MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is in Russia. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss five reasons why pursuing MBBS in Russia is a good idea. Firstly, medical universities in Russia are well known and renowned for having a good research program and excellent quality of education.


As a result, the medical degree obtained from medical academia in Russia is accepted and accredited worldwide. Secondly, the tuition fees of medical universities in Russia are relatively low as compared to other countries offering medical education. In addition, there are several financial aid packages offered by universities in Russia, making MBBS in Russia even more affordable.

Thirdly, the Russian government provides great advantages to foreign students, such as providing scholarship packages and accommodations. Furthermore, the Russian medical universities offer various educational programs to meet the needs of different international students. Fourthly, MBBS degree from Russia is recognized in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

This recognition allows students to practice medicine abroad without undergoing any additional exams or qualifications after completion. Finally, Pursuing MBBS in Russia consists of an all-inclusive 6-year supervised training period. This advantage helps students gain practical insights by completing internships, which gives them the opportunity to work with patients in a clinical setting.

Total cost MBBS in RUSSIA

Medical studies are very expensive in most countries, medical universities in Russia are well known and renowned for having a good research program and excellent quality of education. The total cost for studying MBBS in Russia will depend upon the University or college you are applying to and the type of degree program you have chosen. The total cost for studying MBBS in Russia can range from 9,000-20,000 USD annually. In addition to tuition fees, students have to pay application processing fees, health insurance fees, living expenses and other miscellaneous fees.

Living expenses in Russia can range from 300-400 USD per month. This includes rent, utilities, food, transportation, medical check-ups, books and other educational materials. Accommodation in hostel, guest houses or a rented apartment is generally provided by the universities. MBBS degree in Russia is of six years divided into two stages – three years basic theory education and three years of preclinical practice. Exams and internships are also a part of the curriculum.

Medical students need to pass a three-phase state exam at the end of the six years to obtain the degree. The final examination comprises of both oral and written parts. On passing the final exams, the student will be conferred with the MBBS degree. Studying MBBS in Russia surely is one of the most attractive options considering the affordable cost and high- standard of education.

Pursuing MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

For quite some time now, Indian students have been eyeing Russian medical universities and rushing to take admission for MBBS program. Russia has some of the best and most modern medical universities in the world, and the education infrastructure is improving with more and more collaborations of international universities.

Traditionally, studying MBBS was a costly affair in India, and Russia used to be the only affordable option for most of the student-parents. But nowadays the MBBS program in Russia has been more overtaken by students from different parts of the world, especially from Asian countries like India, China, and Sri-Lanka. The MBBS Program in Russia is one of the most sought-after courses for Indian students.

As per the news, students from India, China, and other countries have buckled up for MBBS in Russia due to its low cost, quality education, and availability of foreign study loan. With the help of a study abroad loan, the expenses of pursuing medical education from Russia can be assuredly managed by Indian students. The Indian students fall within the specified funding criteria of the bank and fit the criteria of eligibility requirement for the loan. Also, Russia offers a wide range of medical courses for Indian students.

Most of the medical universities are multilingual, and thus students from other countries can easily understand the language. The Russian medical universities also offer an opportunity to carry out research and development activities while studying, which adds to the quality of knowledge gained by the students.

Benefit MBBS in  Russia

MBBS in Russia is gaining wide popularity among medical aspirants from India due to its reasonable fee structure and quality of education provided. The quality of educational infrastructure in Russia is at par with western countries and the students receive a good amount of practical learning. One of the main benefits of studying MBBS in Russia is that students get to learn the latest skills and technologies used in the medical field and a comprehensive understanding of the Medical field.

The universities in Russia are well equipped with modern laboratories, adequate classrooms and students get to experience clinical work through various methods. The students also get to work with eminent doctors from around the globe and gain a good amount of global experience while studying MBBS in Russia. A student can quickly enhance their skills and become successful in their professional careers by studying abroad. Another benefit of studying MBBS in Russia is that students get to be a part of an international culture and make friends from all around the world.

This helps in the overall development of the students and helps them in enriching their lives. The experience of living in Russia is also different in India.  Since different cultural practices, cuisine, language, and people make the experience more enjoyable.

About Pursuing MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia is one of the most popular options for overseas medical students. Medical education in Russia has always found international recognition.  Being provided by some of the most advanced and well-structured educational systems. With a range of tuition fees and living costs, Russia provides one of the most affordable medical education programs in the world.

Russian universities provide the best quality in medical education. Research and teaching standards are extremely high, and all medical universities employ highly-qualified professionals. Students in these universities have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in the lab with modern equipment. MBBS in Russia also offers various medical programs divided into semesters. Veterinary and medical programs are available in the Russian language and English.

The MBBS program in Russia is designed for students who wish to become doctors and specialists. The emphasis is on the integration of medical teaching with clinical practice. During the course, the student will have the opportunity to meet and observe expert doctors and specialists in clinical practice. Clinical practice gives a student the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in the university.


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