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Alexandria University (Arabic: جامعة الإسكندرية) is a public university in Alexandria, Egypt. It was established in 1938 as a satellite of Fouad University (the name of which was later changed to Cairo University), becoming an independent entity in 1942.

Alexandria University
Alexandria University Main Building


It was known as Farouk University until after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, when its name was changed to the University of Alexandria. Taha Hussein was the founding rector of Alexandria University.

It is now the second largest University in Egypt and has many affiliations to various universities for ongoing research.


✅ Abdelaziz Konsowa, president of Alexandria University

✅ Ashraf Elghandour, vice president for graduate studies and research

✅ Wael Nabil, vice president for education and student affairs

✅ Mohamed Abdel Azim Aboul Naga, vice president for community service and environmental development


At the time it became an Independent Institution in 1942, it had the following faculties:

✅Faculty of Agriculture.

✅Faculty of Medicine (1942).

✅Faculty of Arts (1938).

✅Faculty of Commerce.

✅Faculty of Engineering (1941).

✅Faculty of Law (1938).

✅Faculty of Science (1942).


In 1989, four faculties, located in Alexandria and administered by Helwan University, were annexed to Alexandria University. These are the faculties of agriculturefine arts, physical education for boys and physical education for girls.

Alexandria University now holds 24 faculties and institutes as follows:

✅Faculty of Arts (1938)
✅Faculty of Law (1938)
✅Faculty of business (1942)
✅Faculty of Engineering (1942)
✅Faculty of Science (1942)
✅Faculty of Agriculture (1942)
✅Faculty of Medicine (1942)
✅Faculty of Pharmacy (1947)
✅Faculty of Nursing (1954)
✅Faculty of Physical Education for Girls (1954)
✅Faculty of Physical Education for Boys (1955)
✅High Institute of Public Health (1956)
✅Faculty of Fine Arts (1957)
✅Faculty of Agriculture (Saba Basha) (1959)
✅Faculty of Education (1966)
✅Faculty of Dentistry (1970)
✅Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (1972)
✅Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (1975)
✅Institute of Medical Research (1975)
✅Faculty of Specific Education (1988).
✅Faculty of Education for Early Childhood (1989)
✅Faculty of Economic Studies & Political Science (2014)
✅Faculty of Computing and Data Science (2019)
✅ Azer Bestavros(Faculty of Engineering, 1984) – Warren Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Boston University, Boston, US.
✅ Mervat Seif el-Din– classical archaeologist and egyptologist, former director of the Graeco-Roman Museum.
✅ Mostafa El-Abbadi– professor and historian
✅ Mohamed Hashish(Faculty of Engineering) – research scientist best known as the father of the abrasive water jet cutter
✅ Mohammed Aboul-Fotouh Hassab(1913–2000) – professor of gastro-intestinal surgery; creator of surgical procedure known as Hassab’s decongestion operation
✅ Mo Ibrahim(Faculty of Engineering) – Sudanese-British mobile communications entrepreneur and billionaire
✅ Yahya El Mashad(Faculty of Engineering, 1952) – Egyptian nuclear physicist
✅ Rebecca Joshua Okwaci(English language, literature, and translation) – South Sudanese politician, and the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services in the Government of the Republic of South Sudan
✅ Tawfiq Saleh(English literature, 1949) – film director.
✅ Boshra Salem– professor, founder and the Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences.
✅ William Linn Westermann(Visiting Professor 1948) – American papyrologist
✅ Magdy Younes– Canadian physician, medical researcher and academic
✅ Moustafa Youssef(Faculty of Engineering, 1997) – Egyptian computer scientist and engineer. First and only ACM fellow in the Middle East and Africa.
✅ Ahmed Zewail(Faculty of Science, 1967) – Nobel Prize in chemistry, 1999.


Alexandria University was ranked 147th worldwide based on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2010–2011.

The 2010 rankings were controversial, as a single professor’s practice of publishing a great number of articles in a journal of which he himself was the editor was identified as a crucial contributing factor for the high rating of Alexandria University.

Alexandria University is ranked 1001+ worldwide based on Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2020. Alexandria University is ranked 801-1000+ worldwide based on QS World University Rankings 2021.

It is ranked 701-800 worldwide and 2nd in Egypt based on Shanghai ranking 2020

Affiliation And Recognition Of Alexandria University

✅World health organisation (WHO).
✅Medical council of India (MCI).
✅Minister of higher education, Egypt.

Why Study MBBS At Alexandria University?

✅Alexandria University is one of the top ranked institutes in Egypt and also in the world.
✅Alexandria University’s ranking is 1001+ in the QS Global World ranking and 4th in Egypt.
✅Alexandria university specializes in many courses, especially Alexandria university faculty of medicine.
✅Alexandria university fees are also somewhat low when compared to other colleges.
✅Alexandria University is one of the well experienced University especially in the faculty of medicine.
✅Alexandria University is committed to preparing students for rapidly changing workplace challenges.
✅Alexandria University uses the latest technologies which helps the students to perform outstanding in this competitive world.
✅ Alexandria University follows the interactive learning method which will help the students in learning.
✅ Alexandria University provides attractive and better job offers when compared to other colleges in Egypt.


Advantages Of MBBS At Alexandria University:

✍ Budget friendly:

The education facilities available at Alexandria University are budget friendly for everyone. There will be no need for a student to think about their budget because they are providing scholarships and loan facilities as well which will help the students to pursue their MBBS degree.

Educational standards:

Educational standards at Alexandria University are also to the mark and a student will be able to get ideas about theory and practical both. There will be no need for students to compromise with practical or theory classes at all.

✍ Scholarship program:

Scholarship program is also organised at Alexandria University so that students will be able to participate in them and get the benefits. Scholarships help students to complete their education without any hassle and financially as well.

✍ Transportation facilities:

Transportation facilities for students are also available so that they can easily Transport from Hostel to University and to other places easily. Moreover the public transportation is available at a reasonable price so there will be no need for them to worry about travelling to other places.

✍ Number of faculty:

There are about 7 medical faculty in Alexandria University in which students can choose any faculty according to their convenience.

What is Eligibility Criteria To Study MBBS At Alexandria University

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Egypt at Alexandria University are:

✅ The age of a student must be greater than 17 years and fewer than 25 years.
✅ The student must qualify in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) examination.
✅ The student must not hold any record in the criminal section in his academic studies to pursue MBBS in Egypt.
✅ The student must choose for Subjects in higher secondary schooling (12th standard) must be Physics, Biology, and chemistry alongside English.
✅ The student must have secured 60% in his higher secondary schooling (12th standard).
✅ The student must hold a certificate that is equivalent to the Egyptian High School Certificate accepted by the

Admission Process of Alexandria University

✅ A student must scan all the essential documents and reserve it within the drive for future need.
✅ Then visit the college’s official website and search for the entrance form which will be available on the website.
✅ Fill the application form by providing all the details correctly and click on the apply option in the website.
✅ After verifying your details an acceptance letter will be prepared by the university and they will send it to your mail address provided during registration.
✅ Pay the first year fee after the offer letter by online transaction.
✅ Admission will be confirmed by the authority once the first year fee is paid.
✅ After the confirmation from the University, apply for a visa and therefore the admission process is completed.

Which are the Required Documents For Alexandria University Admission?

The following documents are necessary for MBBS admission at Alexandria University:

✅ Academic documents – Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) & Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).
✅ Required 8 passport size photographs.
✅ Required Original and replica of the passport.
✅ National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) passing scorecard is mandatory.
✅ Birth certificate original or copy.
✅ Acceptance letter from Alexandria University.
✅ AIDS/HIV test which wanted to be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs.
✅ Medical certificate.


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